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Due to the most restrictive building codes in the country, constructing healthcare projects in the state of California is challenging. Caltest takes pride in our knowledge of Title 24, NFPA, ICBO and other related standards as well as keeping up to date with the latest product and manufacturer literature available.

Infection Control

As a crucial service to the client, Caltest provides a daily practice of monitoring the site of construction and it's surrounding areas for adherence to infection control specifications. All breeches of this policy are immediately reported to the project team.

Interim Life Safety

Although Caltest is not responsible for the contractor's jobsite safety, we are aware of the importance of a safe workplace.

We regularly meet with jobsite superintendants to verify that infection conrol policies are in use. If unsafe methods are witnessed, Caltest will inform the appropriate representatives of the project team to ensure that these issues are corrected immediately.

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